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The Movement

                 It is  all of our responsibility to do our part, do what we can and do it to the best of our ability, to move our people forward. Though our people are no longer physically enslaved, we have yet to throw off the shackles on our minds. "According to Black feminist theory, the devaluation of US Black women is rooted in the institution of American slavery."  Our weaknesses could not be exploited,  if we are willing to do what is necessary to evolve, to become, the best versions of ourselves: Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, physically and financially. We must not believe what the mainstream tells us to believe about ourselves or accept its definitions of what is right, wrong, attractive or acceptable. But we must educate ourselves and stand on our own convictions. We must not be a slave to anything or anyone. We must find a way to maintain control and let nothing control us. Not our weaknesses, not our desires, not food or drugs or people. We must work together, especially black women, to support and encourage one another and stop the jealousy, backbiting and competition.  More Than A Beat  Face exists to empower  women of all races who are affected and influenced by the social cultural economics of our society that devalue and degrade women, by reducing them to sex objects and ignoring their innate ability and God given right to be a DIVINE INFLUENCER.  We were put here to  positively and morally influence our families, our communities and our world. More than a Beat Face: The Movement is about changing our paradigms, so that we understand that we are more than just a pretty face  and  good for more than  just sex . It's about knowing our value, and raising our value. It’s about positioning ourselves, so that our beauty and our body are not our only assets! We are Influencers, educators, students, mothers, sisters etc...We are entrepreneurs, inventors, scientist, artists and more. We are good for more than just...SEX!

  • We will coach  women: In matters of life, relationships, and career.

  • We will have workshops in High Schools with 11th and 12 grade girls, addressing such topics as: Being Self-aware, How to raise your worth, The purpose of relationships, and time management etc...

  • We will have coaches, sponsors, supporters, ambassadors, mentees, partners and scholarships.

  •  Sponsors are those who financially support a young lady to provide resources to help her achieve her dream. I.e. the cost of creating a corporation, a business license, paying for an exam, etc...(of course there will be a criteria to qualify her for this kind of support so that the sponsor feels good about their investment.

  •  Partners are Key People of Influence in different Industries that we can contact as a connection into that industry or field.

  • Mentees are the ladies that we are coaching and helping.

  • Ambassadors are selected and are the face of the brand.

  • Sponsors: Our go to’s for resources, connections and assistance depending on the goals of the mentee.

  • Our goal is to find out what their goals are and help them to achieve those goals.

  • This is a movement. A movement to not only raise awareness, but change the culture. That young ladies do not have to disrobe, sell sex or advertise their bodies to be successful. That they can be more than a beat face. We want to show them Successful Black Women in all walks of life who didn’t have to sell out to gain success. But to encourage them that there are real Successful Black People behind More Than A Beat Face who are able and willing to help them achieve their dreams.

  • We will assist them with becoming entrepreneurs, assist them with creating products and branding themselves.

  • We can’t do this without connections. To confidently say, we can really help these ladies. 


So do you see yourself as a Sponsor, Supporter, Coach or a Partner?

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Empower Yourself With More than a Beat Face

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