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More Than a Beat Face Ebook

More Than a Beat Face Ebook

It is all of our responsibility to do our part, do what we can and do it to the best of our ability, to move our people forward. Though our people are no longer physically enslaved, we have yet to throw off the shackles on our minds. We can not complain about our weaknesses as a people, if we are not willing to do what is necessary to evolve, to become, the best versions of ourselves: Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, physically and financially. We as a people must learn to not just think for ourselves but to engage in critical thinking before we accept the ideas of a society that in the least doesn't think much of us. We must not believe what they tell us to believe about ourselves or accept their definitions of what is right, wrong, attractive or acceptable. But we must educate ourselves and stand on our own convictions.  We must not be a slave to anything or anyone. We must find a way to maintain control and let nothing control us. Not our weaknesses, not our desires, not food or drugs or people. We must work together as a people, especially black women to support and encourage one another and stop the jealousy, backbiting and competition. More than a Beat Face: The Movement is about being more than just a pretty face but an Influencer. It's about knowing our value, raising our value. Its about positioning ourselves so that our beauty and our body is not our only asset! We are Influencers, educators, students, mothers, sisters etc...We are entrepreneurs, inventors, scientist, artists and more. We are good for more than just...SEX!

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